Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What advice do you have for a client looking to hire a producer like yourself?
A. Be choosy when you are seeking production help. There are many qualified people in our area, but which one of them makes you feel welcome and comfortable? That is a matter of chemistry and you will not know until you go out there and start introducing yourself to the people who can help you get your music recorded. At SE Studios, we like to keep our clients close at hand, so that is why we offer such a full-range of services that allows them to do literally everything in house at our production facility. When you finish recording your song(s), we move on the next phase which is to create a stunning video that we will put on your custom YouTube channel. We then create an actual dot com website, that is a professional representation of who you are as an artist. Our qualified designers do the work, but take all of your design suggestions into consideration when building your dream website.
Q. If you were in my place, what would you wish you knew about your trade?
A. We have learned so much about this trade over the past 30-years and as you can imagine, as technology changed, we changed with it and learned everything we could about recording and production.

We have so many production secrets, that we could easily publish a book of them, but for now we will share our vast knowledge with the kind people who come our way, seeking to better themselves and to grow and learn the way of the Yogi Master Recording Guru Robbi Spencer.

We have no problem walking our clients through their project, with a commentary on the procedures that we are following to complete the desired task. Our clients eventually are able to use our facilities on a more "do it yourself" basis, which we allow at a reduced rate, which means that our peeps can get more work done for their money, which always makes people happy!

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Q. What questions should I be asking before I hire someone like you?
A. There are so many questions to ask your prospective producer, but it is not so much what you ask as how you ask it. Sure it is important if your producer went to school and learned how to read music and run a mixing board or an automated recording system, but what is more important is how can that person make "you" sound?

Recording music in essence, is not that difficult given the right environment and equipment, especially microphones, but to record music and make it sound as your ears hear it live, is a whole other story completely. Our qualified staff will interview you as a prospective client and they will ask the necessary questions, to determine whether or not you would be a good fit with the current SE Studios lineup.

Q. What preparation is necessary before booking time at SE Studios?
A. There are an infinite amount of details to focus on while recording your next album, but the only thing you need to focus on is your music and playing it correctly. There is very little guess work on our part, because this is what we do all the time and you will be very happy with the progress that you make. Recording is actual work. We know that it seems fun and probably is in many ways, but a recording session should not be a party, it should be a controlled environment, where people are overseeing your progress and looking out for you when you are at your most vulnerable point, which is probably when you are in the vocal booth with the headphones on and you are recording your final vocal tracks. Please feel free to visit our "Getting Started" page!
Q. Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?
A. I would say that the biggest reason that my work stands out from the works of others, is because it sounds so crystal clear and punchy! People ALWAYS comment on how happy they were with the mixing and mastering portion of what we do here at SE Studios. We take our time and do it right and we are always going the extra-mile for every one of our clients , because we believe in them. If we didn't, we wouldn't be working with them.

Often times people come to me and they have no idea where to even start, when it comes to doing their project. My first job is to assess the situation and determine whether this client would be someone that we would want to work with. If so, then we go to the next step, which is to evaluate the goals and needs of the client and develop a Production Schedule for exactly how the album or project will be recorded.

This is very much like a cross between Rocket Science and Baby Sitting if you look at it realistically. The client may or may not have the experience or the technical knowhow to take a project from beginning to completion and that is where we come in to bridge the gap and make it all happen and happen smoothly and in a timely fashion.

Q. What do you like most about your job?
A. I love my job! My favorite part is working directly with people, creating their music, videos or websites. Having a passion for my work and being sensitive to people's needs, I feel like I have what it takes to be an awesome source of knowledge and inspiration!

When Alby created the Lizard Lick Theme, I found myself doing more producing and less instrument playing.... I find it easier as I get older, to move from role to role and favor the specific areas of expertise or talent that I need to access or bring forth. No matter what, I am ALWAYS able to complete my job and make customer happy and feel satisfied that they have gotten their money's worth. Then I sleep good at night!

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Q. How did you decide to get in your line of work?
A. I feel like my line of work chose me actually. I was always interested in music, but something pulled on me so hard to get me hooked!My father was a stellar musician who played 14 instruments and got me started taking piano lessons when I was 8-years old. From there, I studied music and learned to read music and then took several courses on song writing and music composition. My final training at Full Sail put me over the top though and I am really excited to learn new things and to share the things I have learned, with the people who really have a passion to learn.

I was in my first band at age 16. This was also the year that I graduated from High School and immediately I went to community college and took music classes, receiving an B.A degree in music.

In 1990 I opened Lost Sheep Records in Sacramento and began making musical history recording some of the best Sacramento bands of that time. Business was good and in time I had a 1-hour radio broadcast called "The Lost Sheep Radio Hour" and for over 2-years I did my show, interviewing the artists that would come in my studio and playing their music on the radio, giving them an opportunity to be heard by thousands. I sold Lost Sheep Records and began a new line of work in the electronics field.

In 2008, Albert Leon, III and I decided that it was time for a Full-Service Production Facility in Grass Valley, so we opened Secret Enterprise Productions and started working with local clients and honing our skills.

In 2009, the SE Crew opened Rock School Grass Valley and began teaching music to young adults.

In 2010, Progressive Edge Records bought Secret Enterprise Productions and the studio was renamed SE STUDIOS.

In 2011, I married the woman of my dreams, and together Shirl Spencer and I have operated SE Studios and Progressive Edge Records from our Northern Cali location.

We are now we are in our 8th year of business and things are really busy. We work more for other labels and corporate clients and less bands than in previous years. We found over time that hooking up with broke musicians with big dreams was not the way to pay our bills and move forward, so we shifted our marketing to target the more high-end clientele who have no problem ponying up for high-quality production services.

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