About Us

We feel that God has put us here to help other musicians realize their dreams of recording a song or album and we do everything that we can to make that happen. I have been producing music professionally since 1989 and over the past 29-years I have honed my skills and spent time studying and getting the necessary degrees, but what truly makes me special, is the personal touch that I give to every client that I meet with.


How We Got Started

SE Studios was really birthed out of a serious need for a multimedia outlet where bands could go to not only record an album, but could also go to create stunning websites, social media and print graphics for their projects. The fact that we were award-winning music producers was a plus, but our clients come from all different backgrounds, so we remain flexible for their sake.

So What Are You Waiting For?
You should give us a call about your project and at least discuss what are wanting to do and we can assess your project and give you ideas about how we can possibly help! If you own a business and would like information about how to promote it: Click here to watch a video about all of our business services.


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